Four Tips to Help you Choose the Right Wedding Venue in St Paul

There are so many options for wedding venues st paul mn, from a classic wedding in a ballroom to a romantic wedding at an industrial warehouse or a Bohemian wedding in a garden. So how do you choose? The costs associated with wedding venues account for 45% of a couple’s wedding budget on average. Thus, because it’s a huge investment and decision to make, you don’t want to rush it out. If you are tying the knot in St. Paul, here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding venue:

Decide if you Want a Local or Destination Wedding

The majority of couples will want to have a local wedding. They choose a venue close to where they live or where most of their family lives. But, other couples will want a destination wedding or elopement, whether across the country, across oceans, or a few hours from home. Determining the better option for your wedding is a good start.

Consider the Number of Guests you Want to Invite

When determining the number of guests, account for adults, plus ones, kids, and others. Some couples choose to create a separate list for must-haves, want-to’s, and others. Usually, the guest count can help or hinder your choice for venue location based on seating capacity.

A lot of venues have specific capacities for seating. They are likely to provide various eating capacities based on table set-up or whether your ceremony will be in the same space. One rule of thumb is to take whatever the venue says and subtract at least 10%.

Think about your Personal Style

Usually, couples have a defined style. If you are an urban foodie, a rustic barn wedding may not appeal to you. Or perhaps you will never want to have a ballroom wedding for some reason. If you already have a personal style, this can help you when narrowing down possible wedding venues in St Paul.

Take Season into Account

The season you would like to be married in will heavily influence your choice of a wedding venue and the kind of outdoor scenery available to you. If you prioritize beautiful greenery and blooming flowers to take wonderful photos, consider tying the knot in late spring or summer. If you love lovely fall colors, think about an October wedding. Just keep in mind that each season is just about ever climate comes with some kind of inclement weather you may be in for.

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