Looking For Event Venues Near Seattle? Try This Checklist!

Regardless of whether you are planning a private party, or want to find a place for corporate conferences, there are a wide range of venue options in and around Seattle. Venue is usually the first thing that you need to consider, before other vendors, caterers and services are booked. Most planners have to do things within a budget and deadline, and it can be hard to keep a note of all aspects. In this post, we are discussing what it takes to find the right meeting and events venue near Seattle.

Check what works for the event

Just because it is a corporate event doesn’t mean that the venue has to be boring. The idea is to consider the type of event you are organizing and work accordingly to shortlist venues. In Seattle, you can find banquets and event venues designed for corporate and private parties, but if you don’t mind looking for more entertaining options, check for resorts and casino hotels. If ensuring entertainment for your guests is the first priority, we recommend that you check for these ideas.

Consider what’s included

Venues for corporate events in particular need to be well-equipped. Check if they have audio and sound equipment and products, which are necessary for meetings. They need to have the basics like Satellite TVs, digital projectors, speakers and sound systems. Internet and connectivity options also matter, and if you plan to have entertainers or a show, an event stage or dance floor is a must.

Ask for a package

Many resorts and event centers in Seattle have packages for private and corporate parties, which are a great means for saving money. You can check for special deals and offers, which may entail discounts on stay and other guest services. If you are booking a resort with a casino and themed restaurants, you may get offers and special deals for in-house services.

Book in advance

This is one advice that’s often ignored. Usually, corporate and private events are planned around weekends, and around these days, hotels and event resorts are always booked. If you have liked a venue and would want to get it for the big day, consider booking in advance. Shortlist a few venues in Seattle at least a month in advance, and start looking for packages or talk to the managers directly to get a customized offer.

Event planning in Seattle doesn’t have to be complicated!

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