Symphony Etiquette Simplified: A Visitor’s Guide To The Basics

If you are in Miami on a holiday, you need to make time for some of the happening events. While Miami is famed its nightclubs and incredible avenues of entertainment, it’s also called the cultural hub of music in Florida. There are venues that organize Miami events and symphonies on a regular basis. For someone who has never attended the symphony or orchestra, the experience can be incredible and surprising at the same time. In this post, we are sharing symphony etiquettes and other aspects that visitors need to know.

How to book tickets?

The good news is many Miami venues and music studios have online booking systems, so you can check their calendar and book your tickets in advance. It is always wise to get tickets as early as possible, so that you can find the right seats.

Do I need to know about classical music?

Well, having a fair idea of classical music does help in enjoying the symphony better, but don’t bother too much about it. If you are a fan of music and have attended regular shows and concerts, this experience would be unique in many ways. A symphony is a lot more formal, and how so many artists and musicians come together is a thing to enjoy and watch.

What should I wear for the symphony?

Most venues do have a few dos and don’ts, but don’t expect to be extremely formal either. As long as you are not wearing flip-flops or a pair of shorts, you should be fine. It is okay to wear formal suits or else, stick to the standard casuals. The only thing that needs attention is fragrance. You don’t want others to sneeze around you, so go easy on that.

Should I arrive early?

At least 30 minutes before the concert time is considered good enough. Make sure that you have turned off your phone, or it’s in the silent mode. If you are late, the ushers may ask you to wait for a while before there is a pause.

Can I bring children?

A symphony can last for as long as two hours, so bringing young children may not be the wisest idea. However, there are shows in Miami that are designed for children, so you can always take them to experience the symphony.

Do not try and take photos during the symphony – It is a strict NO at all venues.

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