Things to consider when choosing a film production rental studio

A film production studio is the first choice when creating a commercial, graphics, or any visual content. Whether for a commercial project or a personal event, shooting a perfect video needs the best teams. And so, from choosing the script writing team to post-production professionals and the studio itself, you need careful consideration.

But there are many film production studios, each offering a wide range of services. Also, they all have very different specializations and genres, yet they appear similar in their work and results. Choosing and picking the proper rental studio for your project is complicated.

Here are a few ideas and tips that might make this quest easier.

  1. Looking through their portfolios
    For a creative team and production company, their portfolio is the best way to get a peek into expertise. Even though, at first look, they might seem similar, with a bit of knick-picking, you can find subtle differences. Their portfolio is an easy way to differentiate between seasoned artists and aspiring professionals. It shows you what they can deliver and what to expect from the team. Based on your expectations and needs of the project, you can assess your options.
  2. Is the location right for you?
    It is always a tough call to make when choosing the location that suits your needs. More often than not, big production studios are built in slightly distant locations. This allows them to expand and prepare the space for their best projects. But this would mean bringing your team and equipment to these locations and longer commutes. Also, if you are looking for a specific outdoor setting, how accessible is it to the studio, and estimating the overhaul?
  3. Assessing their equipment and other products
    You can tell a lot about a film production rental studio by their gear and how they maintain it. A reliable and good studio would use the equipment that best suits the industry’s needs. They would have the lighting, camera, production gear, and props they need for such extravagant projects. Moreover, since these tools are expensive resources, they should be kept well-maintained with utmost care. If the crew doesn’t follow professional practices and handle the equipment carefully, there’s not much left to say.
  4. Do they have the things you need?
    Most rental studios have standard equipment like cameras, sound boxes, recording gear, and green screens. But do they have the ones that you need for your dream project? When shooting for something particular, you need the right props, the space, the lighting, and the correct set of backdrops. All these elements impact not only your experience but also the production quality. If they don’t have the right sound recording equipment, you will have to spend more on getting it or post-production. Similarly, no good lighting grids, props, and greenscreens would mean more work for your team and post-production crew. This would mean higher production costs and affected timelines.
  5. Looking for the amenities
    We often miss out on the additional amenities when looking for studios. We are so focused on the main stuff, like the equipment and studio stages, that we forget the extra stuff. Some things that can significantly influence your shooting experience are the availability of dressing rooms, craft services, and professional assistance. Often, we end up in situations when you’ll have to make a quick fix to the props or go with it. Or things are falling apart, and you have to think on your toes. With these amenities on-premise, you can get to work without compromising on anything and leaving room for error.

While there are a million other things to consider and look at with studio rentals, these are the important ones. Obvious things like budget, contract, legal complications, etc., are on top of the list for any considerations. Preparing and planning for a commercial is never easy, but with these handy tips, you can simplify your rental studio hunt.

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