Planning A Group Event In Seattle: Factors To Consider

If you are in charge of a corporate event and need to sort things, it is best to start early, as soon as the date is finalized. Seattle is a huge city, so you will find no dearth of venues to choose from. In this post, we are sharing more on the factors to consider while planning a group event in Seattle.

  • Define the purpose. Every group or corporate event is different in terms of purpose. For instance, if you are taking employees for a quick workshop, you don’t have to worry about things like branding. On the other hand, when it comes to big corporate events involving numerous outsiders, you have to spend more on marketing.
  • Move outside Seattle for better venues. In case you don’t want to go for a regular venue, you can think to plan a group event at Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort, which is in Arlington. The resort has all the right facilities, meeting rooms, and necessary equipment, so you can expect considerable support on all aspects.
  • Think of budget. It is best to have a budget in mind, so that you can plan your event accordingly. Keep the factors that are not always constant, and therefore, try and save around 20% for possible contingencies. Most corporate companies have a standard budget for certain kinds of events, so plan early for better savings.

  • Make a list of vendors. You have to think of the vendors you may need for the event. Some venues can take care of catering and everything else, so you don’t have to deal with a lot. If you need to arrange for special entertainment options, music, and décor, you may need additional vendors.
  • Get estimates. Before you finalize anything, make sure to get estimates for everything. Some venues outside Seattle are great for corporate events, but you may have to think of extra things like transportation of attendees from airport to the exact location. Estimates are handy for comparing option, but events are a testament of your brand’s standing, so make sure that you don’t look for cheap quotes only.

Planning with the right things in consideration will help in saving more, without compromising on the budget or the factors that matter for the event. Also, ensure that your venue before anything else, because top venues in Seattle and around often get sold out months in advance.

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